EVE Academy
Building modeling (from drawings)
Total duration: 3:11:25
Cleaning provided models
Total duration: 3:23:27
Landscape modeling
Total duration: 5:10:52
Do and Don´t in exterior images
These are not hard set rules, only guides from past experiences to avoid unnecessary feedback and additional rounds.
Every project is different, so all of these "rules" can be broken either at the request of the client or simply by the fact that the situation does not allow to follow them.

All projects
  • make sure railings have a maximum space of 12 cm between bars

Norwegian projects
  • no big trees close to buildings or in small courtyards
  • no big trees on top of underground parking
  • avoid big pine trees in ski resorts unless its a part of natural surroundings or at the request of the client
  • snow on cars - in general not wanted especially in projects that have no garages. Snow on cars parked on the street is OK
  • as much as it might look cool to put falling snow in the air, the clients usually end up wanting to remove it
  • as much sun on balconies in sunny images whenever possible without ruining the lighting of the image
  • Norwegians are very much in to EVs so use electric cars as much as possible and take care of the licence plates, BMW id4/X1 + Audi eTron are popular, Mercedes GLE etc.
  • Sidewalks and Bike lanes in Norway are Asphalt
  • No dark staircases in Blue hour, rather different level of lights in all windows but no dark holes
  • Not too much reflection in windows: use Studio lighting inside and furnish rooms to reduce reflection
  • Make sure used INT furniture is same as shown in the EXT images
  • BOKLOK Client: aspect ratio 7x5 always
  • SOLON/Veslefrikk client: in general no people, only on request

German projects
  • dogs are not wanted in green courtyards
  • playing football in courtyards is not wanted
Project folder Clean-up
Total duration: 5:10:52