Building modeling (from drawings)
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  • Importing drawings
    Duration: 0:21:18
    How to import technical plans inside 3ds max environment, place them properly to ease out the following construction spteps and, more importantly, define their precise scale so that the final building will have correct dimensions
    Requirements: 3ds max + Adobe Reader
  • Modelling the facades
    Duration: 0:55:41
    Generate each facade individually on the xy plane, while keeping the dimensional relations with the adjacient walls. All the major elements that defines the facade (walls, windows, doors) will be correlated in a 1-to-1 relation using a flexible script
    Requirements: 3ds max + EVE_EditSplines plugin (provided by EVE) + window profile (provided by EVE)
  • Composing the building
    Duration: 0:24:46
    Rotate the independent facades and start the assembly of the 3d shape of the building, create horizontal planes (roofs, ceiling, terraces) and interior partitions
    Requirements: 3ds max
  • Connect facades at angles different than 90°
    Duration: 0:02:39
    How to deal with non perfectly orthogonal facades and create a perfect connection among their corners, independently of their angle of incidence
    Requirements: 3ds max
  • Adding details
    Duration: 0:38:57
    Introduce additional elements on the building as required by the architectural drawings (window sills, railings, doors, canopies, ...)
    Requirements: 3ds max + Railclone (commercial product)
  • Introduction to EVE ID Manager
    Duration: 0:08:47
    Explaination of the basic use of EVE ID Manager plugin for exterior production
    Requirements: 3ds max + EVE ID Manager (provided by EVE)
  • Using the EVE-ID Manager
    Duration: 0:12:43
    Separate each building element in specific categories, in order to organize the file correctly and facilitate the managing of material applied on the different objects
    Requirements: 3ds max
  • Applying materials
    Duration: 0:14:17
    Apply all the relevant shaders to each part of the building using the EVE material library connected via the Project Manager tool
    Requirements: 3ds max + Project Manager (commercial prodcut) + Corona Renderer
  • Gathering assets using BitmaprageTwo
    Duration: 0:12:17
    Identify all the assets and collect them in appropriate folders, so that the project is contained within it-self
    Requirements: 3ds max + Bitmap Rage 2 plugin (can be provided by EVE, but we need a developer to extract it)